Charm bags are one of my favorite little magics. They are extremely easy, affordable, and best of all, completely customizable. These little bags are versatile and can be used for lots of different spells and blessings. They are also easily tucked away and hidden if you are unable to express your witchcraft openly.

Essentially, a charm bag is simply a bag with one or more magically charged items inside. Depending on your intent and personal preferences, this could mean anything from herbs to metal charms to crystals to words on paper.

The bag part is very easy too. You can buy cotton muslin bags on in a variety of sizes. If you are so inclined, you could sew them yourself! Don’t forget that you can customize the bag part as well, choosing a color or embroidering a symbol on it.

Let’s pick something pretty easy, and useful to just about everyone. Protection while travelling. You could tuck a charm bag for protection in your car or backpack/purse. You could use a Sharpie to write the rune Algiz on the outside of the bag, or embroider it instead (if you wanna get fancy). Draw an angel or consider creating your own sigil. Possible items to put in the bag: an acorn, a chunk of amber, dried basil, cedar chips, some amethyst chips, a metal charm of an angel, rune or symbol of protection, a symbol or representation of a god/goddess or saint of protection.

Really, whatever you like that speaks to you! You could get pretty specific even a create a charm bag to protect you while flying or sailing. Change it up again and make it a protective charm bag for your home or children. Go a completely different direction and make one for restful sleep or to keep negative thoughts away. Having trouble communicating? Make a charm bag for that!

See what I mean by versatile and customizable? They truly are a go-to for all types of things.


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